Our Facilities

Facilities and Infrastructure at Peace International School.

Administrative Block

The administrative block consists of the reception area with a large and spacious sitting area for the visitors along with adjoining Principal’s office, Accounts office for the convenience of students and parents.

Academic Block

Academic Block is a dynamic, energy charged area where ideas are exchanged to encourage interactions to discuss the academic goals and brainstorming sessions between the staffs.

Computer Lab

Students learn computer from their basic level of growth and they are provided with high efficient computers and are guided well to use computers.

Laboratory Block

Laboratory block is occupied with different scientific equipments, models, chemicals to make learning process interesting and more understandable to students. Computer Lab Students learn computer from their basic level of growth and they are provided with high efficient computers and are


The school provides transportation facilities to students by operating buses in all important routes. Our buses are equipped with GPS and handled by well experienced and trained drivers. Lady attenders and first-aid box are made available in all the buses for the safety of children.

Language Lab

Students learn wide varieties of languages since they have to deal with different people around the globe. Language lab is facilitated with efficient faculties, so that our students will be equipped with good communication skills such as speaking, writing and understanding.

Virtual classrooms

Virtual class rooms are online based learning environment in which famous faculties and world famous professors are available to instruct our students

Digital library

Peace school owns access to many digital archives of famous libraries to which students can login through our digital library login and read books according to their tastes. They can read through different devices as they wish.

Information center

Information Center is place where parents, students, staff and every one can make use of. Information center has a staff in charge.


Peace school library is the key resource of information for the academic community. The library block consists of different categories of books. Special sections are maintained for Value education, Gandhiyan studies, Kerala Histories, Famous Biographies in both Malayalam and English, holds thousands of books from different categories like journals, education, science, entertainment, Sci-fi, fiction and non fiction, Literature, Poem, Short story, Comics, Reference Texts, Encyclopedia etc.

Kids Library

Kids library consists of illustrated books, colourful art and craft books, miniature model toys, etc., which help them to understand the working of real world objects.

E-learning section

Students learn not only from text books but also from the internet through modern accessible methods like computers and tablets. They can find information that is relevant to them.