Transportation Rules

  1. Parent or a person authorized by the parent must be there at the bus point for picking up and dropping off their ward.
  2. If the parent or the authorized person is not there at the bus point, thestudent shall be brought back to school. In that case the parent mustcollecttheir wardfrom school.
  3. The student who is picked first will be dropped first.
  4. Students must ride in their assigned bus to and from their assigned stop. Switching bus for any reason is strictly prohibited unless approved by the transport co-ordinator. In that case, the parent must submit an application in writing to the co-ordinator. Permission will be granted only for genuine reasons. Transport co-ordinator has the discretion to reject the applications.
  1. Transportation rules are subject to change without prior notice.
  1. Bus point must be clarified and fixed at the time of the admission or reopening of the school.
  2. Complaints regarding route schedules or school bus stops will be addressed to the conveyance co-ordinator. Complaints regarding discipline on board school buses will be addressed to the principal.
  1. Parents must not ask the drivers to change the routes under any circumstances.