School Uniform

1. The school uniform includes T-Shirt and trousers for boys on all days except Wednesday. Sportswear has to be worn on Wednesdays. Girls wear pinafore and pants.

2. The dress code must be followed during the school hours as well as at all school events.

3. The uniforms must be washed and well pressed.

4. Only black uniform shoes and socks are allowed. The shoes must be polished daily. Black sandals can be worn in rainy season. Belt and ID card are compulsory.

5. Hair must be well groomed.

6. Nails must be trimmed weekly.

7. The pinafore must be long enough to cover the knees in standing/sitting position.

8. Girls with long hair should plait it or tie it back. It should not fallover the face or eyes. If ribbons or hair bands used, must be black.

9. Sideburns, fancy andirregular haircuts arenot allowed.

10. Use of jewellery/hair gel which become a nuisance or attract undue attention in a study situation will not be permitted.

11. Trousers and pants are not to be worn above the hip. All buttons on T-shirt are to be fastened at all times.

12. School belt should be visible. Boys should tuck in T-shirt neatly.