Guidelines & General Information

  1. A student must carry the diary to school every day. It must have his/her photograph and complete personal information signed by parents. The school works from Monday through Saturday. For Kindergarten , Saturday is a holiday.
  2. Under no circumstances, will the school accept responsibility for children left outside the school before 8:00 am. Regular dismissal time is 2.40 pm on all days except Monday and Wednesday. The dismissal time is 3:10 pm on Monday and Wednesday. There can be changes in the timings when emergency situation arises.
  3. If any parent wants to take the child before dismissal time, He/She should come to school to take the child. The parents, who come to take their kids away from school, are to wait at the reception to receive the children.
  4. Students are not permitted to leave the school until the end of the school hours except if they have a parental authorization. Students are required to leave school when their classes are finished, unless they are required for an after – school programme. A child who needs to leave school before the regular dismissal time can only do so upon a written request in the Diary by the parents and only if he or she is picked up from school by a family member or by any other authorized person.
  5. Parents play a decisive role in the development of children in their formative years. Therefore, parents are requested to co-operate with the teachers for the maximum benefit of their children.
  6. Children are not allowed to wear gold ornaments, smart watches and costly accessories. The school takes no responsibility for the safety of such articles.
  7. If any allergy to food or medicine should be brought to the notice of the class teacher.
  8. Children who suffer from any contagious disease will not be allowed to attend the school till they are fully cured.
  9. No reduction or refund of school and transportation fee will be made for any broken period of attendance.
  10. Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms.
  11. Dress should be washed and neatly pressed.
  12. Parents and guardians are not allowed to visit their children or teacher in the classroom.
  13. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the school. Mobile phones if found will be confiscated. It will be returned to the owner only at the time of issuing T.C.
  14. English is strictly the medium of instruction/communication in the All the students are expected to converse only in English.
  15. Students should be polite and courteous. They should always remember that the school is judged by their conduct.
  16. Any objectionable conduct of the pupil inside or outside the campus will invite disciplinary action.
  17. Parents/Guardians shall ensure that their child/ward devotes enough time at home to studies and assignments.
  18. The class teacher must be notified of sickness, or parental absence from home, or any relevant information that may affect the child. In case of any concern/issue which requires a discussion with the teacher, please write it in the child’s diary indicating the area of concern, so as to arrange a special meeting with the class teacher/principal.
  19. At home, parents teach children by their own examples, respect for the dignity of others. They are also tremendously influential in cultivating the virtues of love, justice, generosity, loyalty and honesty etc.
  20. Attendance: Regular attendance at school is mandatory. Parents are asked to peruse the academic calendar. The only excused absences are for sickness or exceptional family events. It is the student’s responsibility to makeup all missed work.
  21. Regularity of attendance and punctuality is important in the academic progress of the child and in His/Her character formation.
  22. A leave-note from the parent of an absent student must be presented to the class teacher in the diary when the student returns to school.
  23. A student must have 80% of the total attendance to be eligible for promotion. Proper and valid medical certificate must be produced for absence of more than six continuous days.
  24. Continued absence for six consecutive working days, without prior information to the school will result in the student’s name be struck of without notice to the parents.
  25. No student may leave school during the school hours unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. In the case of student’s illness while in the school, the school will call the parent. If the nature of the case requires immediate medical attention, the school will arrange the same.
  26. The parent or guardian must get an out-pass signed by the principal before taking the students out of the campus.
  27. It is the duty and responsibility of the parent or guardian to check in the school diary regarding the schedule of activities/ notification.
  28. Children and parents alike should avoid behaviour, gestures or words which are hurtful or disrespectful towards the staff of the school. Similarly, school staffs are forbidden from any behaviour, gesture or words that would indicate in difference or lack of respect for students or parents.
  29. Students are held responsible for any damage to school property. Stu-dents will be charged for all loss and damages done. If a child damages an article belonging to school/another student, the compensation for the same will be levied from the defaulter’s Caution Deposit.
  30. Students will also be responsible for any breakage or loss caused in the Labs. Any breakage or loss must be replaced at once or duly compensated for.
  31. Students are reminded that they are expected to do their part in maintaining the classrooms and the school premises clean.
  32. Students are not supposed to carry toys, items in glass containers, or other dangerous objects in the bus.
  33. Parents are asked to inform the school regarding the change of address or phone number so as to keep accurate up-to-date information of all students.
  34. Students will not be allowed to purchase outside food. School will not take responsibility of buying food from outside.
  35. Schedule the school-visit by taking appointment in advance. Teachers cannot be interrupted during the class hours. Time2:30pm to3:30pm. The Principal will be available to discuss parent’s concerns or questions.
  36. Please mention in the diary the name and phone number of relative, neighbour or friend who can be contacted in case of an emergency, when the parents cannot be reached. 
  37. The school accords great importance to arts and sports. Extensive training in each discipline forms the integral part of curriculum.
  38. Children should not be sent to school with the symptoms of fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, red/watery eyes, severe headache or undiagnosed rashes. Children should remain at home till they are fully cured.
  39. If weather condition threaten the safety of the students it may be necessary to close school or dismiss school earlier than usual. As soon as the school makes such a decision the parents will be notified.
  40. Progress reporting: Peace International School’s method of reporting a student’s progress is considered to be the best. It is a fusion of progress reports, parental conferences and interim reports (as needed). Open house sessions are organized to ensure interaction between the parents and the teachers. Parents may review the progress of the student from time to time.
  41. All parents are requested to be alert on NEVERSKIPAPP so as to remain updated regularly with school announcements and activities.